The Great Nordic Adventure: Part 1

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.” – Richard Branson

So…I’ve been a lot of places in Europe, but somehow in all my times there I’d never managed to venture north… well really far north. So, I knew that one of my biggest goals for this year abroad was to head up to some of the Scandinavian countries. And when one of my friends invited me to come adventuring with her, it was confirmed.


Our first day of our trip was mostly just a mess of transportation. We took a train down to Lille, where we hopped on a bus that took us to the Brussels airport. From there we took a flight to Copenhagen flying on Ryan Air.

Now, I’d never flown Ryan Air before. It’s definitely interesting. The prices are very good, which to me makes it worth it. Obviously, they try to charge you for anything else, however, so just be aware of that little conundrum. However, if you’re like me and can do a week with a backpack instead of checking a bag, and don’t need to buy any extra things on board…you’re good to go!

I got lucky actually because my friend and I were the first to get in line for the flight (and yes people do line up for the flight so they can get on first… starting as soon as they have the gate number). And then I got extra lucky because the flight attendant offered to put me in the exit row… all by myself. Extra leg room and a whole row to myself. I somehow have been blessed with this happening more than once on an airline. I don’t know what good thing I did in my life to deserve this, but I will take it every time.

We arrived in Copenhagen and had to find a train to the central station, right near where our hostel was. Thankfully it ended up being pretty easy. We were quickly becoming aware that Copenhagen had plenty of English everywhere, making it very easy, and definitely in our comfort zones for a travel destination.

Sure enough after a few minutes we arrived in the city center. My friend and I had fun noting all the American chains we don’t have in France like 7/11 and Dunkin’ Donuts. Definitely made us pretty happy since we are pretty homesick at this point.

We walked to our hostel a block away. We were staying in Urban House Hostel, which is a really awesome stay that I’d recommend to anyone. It’s clean and modern, and it’s really handy with its online check in system that helps make it more convenient. The location is fantastic too, so really unbeatable, plus a fun atmosphere with a bar and other cool things attached to it.

We dropped our stuff off and ran to get food. It was late, almost 9 at that point, so it really just was kind of a scramble to get any kind of food before places began to close. There was a Vietnamese place a block away called Bistro KiVi that looked decent. Honestly, we were hungry enough that it didn’t really matter to us what we ate, plus Asian food does tend to be a bit cheaper…which isn’t a bad thing in these more expensive Scandinavian countries.

So we decided to split a four course meal thing. It started with a crab soup, and then a plate with a variety of appetizers (prawns, spring rolls, and a cool lettuce wrapped thing that was delicious), then a plate of duck which was amazing, and lastly a little chocolate cake with coconut ice cream. We both were ravenous, and extremely happy to just enjoy some good food we didn’t have to cook.

After finishing up we headed back to the hostel for a night of rest. We were ready for a fun day of exploring ahead!

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