Keeping it Chill in Copenhagen

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” ― Jack Kerouac

So the thing about Copenhagen was that neither my friend nor I had a sense of needing to do lots of things. For me, the little mermaid statue was a must, and otherwise I was happy to do whatever. Tivoli was sadly closed, which is the one problem with going anywhere in the off season.

We began our morning by grabbing coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts nearby. Both of us were just too excited by the prospect of American coffee that wasn’t Starbucks that we just had to hit it up. Honestly, I think we’re both at a point where we sort of want to head home, but at least we’re still finding time and energy to travel.

After filling up on sugar and fat we headed off towards more of the city to explore.

A lot of Copenhagen was just wandering for us. Walking around and admiring the beautiful architecture, and the fun stores, and the beautiful sunshine, which was amazing. So yes, it was the perfect.

On our way down towards the little mermaid statue we stopped by Nyhavn, a 17th century canal that is absolutely beautiful looking with colorful houses and pretty boats.

As we continued onwards, we also admired the beautiful opera house, and the marble church that was especially lovely with the snow and the sunshine.

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Finally we reached the little mermaid. As it was off season, it was easy to reach her, which was very nice. We took some pictures in front of her before heading off again.

With more pictures, we stopped by the marble church to peek inside, passing the royal palace on the way just in time of the changing of the guard. We didn’t stick around too long, eager to see more, but it was still a very exciting coincidence.

After more exploring we were both getting hungry so we stopped at a place called Café Katz for lunch. I’d been told the rye bread was traditional in Copenhagen, so I had a rye crusted halibut with slices of the bread on the side. It was very good and it was fun to try something local! They also had fresh squeezed lemonade, and even after summers full of serving lemonade I still never get tired of it.

We snagged the bill and headed off into the cold once more. The sun was still out so we wandered over to Christiania, an old anarchist community that has interesting art decorations and old buildings. I have no pictures sadly, as I was a little bit out of my element there, but it was definitely an interesting place to check out.

After that we stopped by the Church of Our Savior, which has a beautiful golden spire on top. It was closed for a concert so we couldn’t go in, but otherwise it was fun to see.

My friend and I took a coffee break at Baresso Coffee, more of a local chain. It had fun chocolate drinks, which were interesting. It was convenient and a good place to warm up and get some drinks.

After that it was back for more walking. I think our phones said we’d walked about 12 miles at the end of the day. So quite the day of trekking around the city.

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We stopped in some tourist shops for postcards and a few fun trinkets. My roommate had a goal to find a tacky magnet in every place we visited, which I thought was pretty funny.

Of course, with the name of my blog being a Hans Christian Anderson quote, I had to get a picture of myself next to his statue.


Regardless, we headed back to our hostel to charge our phones for a bit afterwards and then we were off for dinner.

Now, I had some criticism in my last blog on getting Asian food while in Scandinavia. I’ll say these things. Any choice of food kind of comes to down to a number of factors. You are not going to find a place that meets all of your requirements. So some of those factors in deciding are: price, quality, healthiness, portion size, ease of access, location, authenticity, available room. And those are just a few. My point is that when eating out you have to pick. Do you want to wander for thirty minutes scanning trip advisor for a place that is open and then pay a really expensive price to eat food that maybe isn’t even that healthy?

Honestly, my roommate and I were hungry, and worn out from trekking all over the city. So yes, we grabbed Thai food. It was filling, cheap, easy (really close to our hostel), and had vegetables and meats and a well-balanced assortment. Think what you will about my food choices, but I’ll just say that sometimes traveling requires you to make quick choices. And those were mine.

After that it was back to the hostel to sleep and get ready to head off to Sweden the next day.


3 thoughts on “Keeping it Chill in Copenhagen

  1. Sounds like Copenhagen is very walkable and invites to just wander and explore on your own.
    By the way, I don’t have a problem with your food choice at all. It’s your vacation, eat what you want. I often go for pizza and I am happy as a clam. It’s all good.

    I enjoyed your blog post about Copenhagen. Thank you.

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