Last Stop Oslo!

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” – Sir Rannulph Fiennes

(I might have to include another packing post for this one, because I did do this Nordic trip with only a backpack to survive the cold, but that’s a story for another time).

Last post in the Nordic Adventure series! I decided to not post a boring “we flew back home” post so here’s the final one about our amazing day in Oslo.

My friend and I both had several things we wanted to see. So early in the morning we got up and set out in the snow and cold to go see the sights!

We went to the central station to grab a bus heading over towards the Viking Ship Museum. Now, during the summer I think there’s a ferry, but the winter it’s the bus or walking…and it would be a long walk…in the cold. So the bus it was.

As far as public transport, Oslo had a very nice one and it was easy to keep track of where we were going and get off at the right stop. No worries on confusion there!


We stopped at the Viking Ship Museum right as it opened. We went inside and got to survey the ships, which was amazing. They’re quite impressive to see in person!

I thought the museum was a bit small overall. Other than the ships and a few artifacts, there’s not really a lot there. I’d been hoping for more about Viking history and such, but this isn’t really the museum for that I guess. So just be warned, it’s a place that won’t take you more than an hour. Unless you’re just a really dedicated photographer who needs to take lots of different shots of the ships.

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Next we headed over to the Fram Museum, a collection of exhibits about the polar ice ships. We stopped for some coffee at a convenience store and then headed on our way. There was still so much to see!


The Fram Museum is one of my favorite museums in the world. It was interesting, well-laid out, interactive, and informative. You were able to board one of the boats, and go through a polar simulator, see what pulling a sled would feel like, and so much more. My friend and I had a great time there and learned a lot too.

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It’s a really well done museum, and I highly recommend it if you’re in Oslo.

After that we boarded the bus again and headed towards downtown to see the National Gallery. This was our final goal for the day.

We stopped for lunch in a pizza place. It had pretty good food and we enjoyed having a warm meal before heading towards the museum.


Our luck was that the museum was free on the first Thursday of the month, which that happened to be. So we got to go see everything without paying a cent (or a crown I suppose). So keep that in mind anyone in town on the first Thursday!

We enjoyed the artwork before stopping by for a picture of The Scream, which the gallery is most famous for having.


Afterwards my friend wanted to seek out a metal shop she’d heard about online. I still don’t understand exactly what she wanted to see there, but something. I waited for her outside, and then we headed to our Airbnb for a break from the cold. I think that day we walked almost ten miles all in all. So we needed it.


Our flight was early the next morning, so what both of us really needed was food and caffeine and then a good night’s rest.

We walked to a popular neighborhood our host had pointed out. Apparently there was a coffee shop there that was supposed to be world famous. It’s called Tim Wendelboe. People apparently came from the United States just to try it. So we grabbed a cup.


If my friend had been more into coffee I probably would have insisted on a tasting, but she just wanted her own drink, so we settled for that. As I’m not a connoisseur of coffee I cannot really speak to if it was worth a trip to Oslo by itself or not, but it did taste very good and seemed very rich and flavorful. If you’re a coffee guru feel free to check the link out!

After getting our drinks we headed off in search of a restaurant.

We ran into a pub that looked like it had quite a few people in it.

I had a chicken stew type dish. It was decent, but I had problems with it because the chicken was still on the bone…in the stew…so it was hard to see where the bones were. So, not my favorite meal, but still filling and hearty.


We filled up and then headed back for some rest. It was tough saying goodbye to these beautiful countries, but we had a good time, and I’d just have to hope maybe someday I could come back and see some more!

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Winter Wonderland: Journeying from Stockholm to Oslo

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
Lewis Carroll

So I raved about the trains in the last post, but I think it could be said again. Scandinavian trains are my favorite.

They’re not too pricey, and on top of that you get free wifi, chargers at your seat, and of course fantastic snowy views.

However, I’m jumping ahead of myself.

For any who haven’t been following, this is part of my Nordic adventure, heading up to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Oslo was our last stop on the road. However, to get there we needed to take a long train ride all the way there. Not that it was a great burden to us.

We checked out of our hostel in Stockholm and headed to the train station where we grabbed coffee and treats to finish off the last of our Swedish crowns. And then we boarded the train and were on our way.

It was very crowded, but thankfully my seat partner got off at like the second or third stop, so most of the ride I had to myself and could look out the window while working on my computer. The countryside was beautiful. You could see small black dots out on the surface of a frozen lake, little ice fishers waiting for their catch. I just would catch myself sighing, and thinking the train ride could be longer, and I wouldn’t mind.

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In fact it was, delays apparently were caused by trains crossing, though I don’t really understand how that works, but nonetheless we arrived in Oslo in the late evening.

My friend and I headed out into the cold, both enjoying the snow as we have none where we are living in France now, but both come from places that get a little frozen precipitation during the winter months.


We walked through the downtown before heading to our Airbnb.

I had never done Airbnb before. Maybe that’s strange for a traveler, but it’s true. I had never seen the need, choosing to usually find hostels instead. However, Oslo had very few hostels, so my friend and I realized it might be just as cheap to book something else instead. And that’s how we found the place we were staying.

It was a very nice apartment, very close to the downtown area. The hosts were very friendly and offered us advice about what to do. They were even helpful when I asked if I could wash my clothes while I was there, since it would save me a trip to the laundromat when I got back.

I highly recommend this option if you’re in Oslo with another person, because it’s worth it splitting. Or another Airbnb. It’s nice to have another option if there aren’t hostels to house you, and it beats paying for a fancy hotel. Such is the modern world I guess!

After getting some advice about what to see from our host, my friend and I headed out to find food. We walked down to the downtown area, enjoying the snow and lights and city. We were again hungry enough (having skipped lunch) we decided to settle for anything. Which is how we ended up eating pasta at Prima Fila. It was pretty good food overall, and we even splurged and I had dessert and my friend a starter. Good to treat yourself sometimes I guess.

After that we took a little walk around the area before heading back to get some good rest. We were looking forward to a full day of exploring when morning came!