Along the Caldera- Day Two in Santorini

I woke up on my second day in Santorini not feeling very well. But I am no quitter. So in spite of pain and discomfort, I got up and went to get some breakfast and had decided I’d catch an early bus over to Fira for the day.

I unfortunately knew I needed to print my plane ticket for the next day, as Ryanair is picky about you having one before arriving at the airport, so I had to ask the hotel lady if I could. She let me, but she charged me five euros for the one page. I was pretty irritated by that, but I just gritted my teeth and rolled with it.

After a filling breakfast of bread and coffee and yogurt and fruit, I headed off to catch the bus.

Santorini has a super easy bus system. They get enough tourists, that they’ve made it pretty effective to use, though it is still a bit confusing the first time.

Basically you don’t need a ticket to get on, you pay when you board the bus.They have change and everything, just hop on and grab a seat if one is open, it’s basically more of a tour bus than a city bus format. The ticket salesman will come and sell you a ticket which you keep until you leave.

I arrived in Fira and decided to head out to see some of the city. I was already feeling pretty tired, but I didn’t care, I wanted to explore. So I decided I was going to do the hike I’d heard was amazing, from Fira all the way to the city of Oia on the far tip of the island. The hike was about ten kilometers, and although I was a bit nervous about my state, I decided I would do it nonetheless.

It was one of the most gorgeous hikes I’ve ever been on in my life. That’s coming from a Pacific Northwest girl who has been on more hikes than she can count.

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It was sunny with little shade, but the walk along the caldera was stunning, and I have rarely been so in awe of nature as I was at this time.

I know I’ve done posts on solo travel, but truly, walking the edge of this island, staring out at the sea… I mean it’s something life changing. Going through a journey like that by yourself, getting to experience and enjoy and reflect, that’s truly beautiful.

I arrived in Oia a sweaty exhausted, but very happy mess. I quickly bought some water and then walked around the city taking photographs.

I had a very splurgy lunch in this cute restaurant with spectacular views. I had a pina colada, and a piece of pork with a delicious sauce stuffed with various ingredients. I finished with some Baklava feeling very satisfied.

I headed back to catch a bus back to Fira rather than walking back. I’d decided that was my reward for accomplishing my hike even exhausted and not feeling my best.

I had wanted to see the sunset in Oia, but I was nervous about trying to get a bus back to Fira and then another to Perissa. It just seemed like too much to manage, and besides, I was worn out.

I went and took another swim and got to bed early. My time in Santorini was almost up. I wished I could have stayed longer, but it was a spectacular trip while it lasted.

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